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Switch socket layout method

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How to decorate the whole house switch socket, from comfortable electricity? Don't look at the socket is a small thing, the knowledge inside is big, in the future life just discovered, the position of the original socket and the number are so important.

1, the porch

To install a single open double control switch, and the living room switch to form a double control, convenient in and out of the light.

Reserve a socket in case of a smart shoe cabinet or something.

2, the sitting room

Install double control switch control living room light, easy to use, pay special attention to the TV and sofa on both sides of the five hole plug position and number, easy to use TV, floor lamp, water dispenser and other electrical appliances, if you want to buy a few corner owners also have to consider the socket layout here.

1 with switch sockets (four holes/five holes) 3 each, the living room without film and television wall, TV, home theater and so on equipment.

2. 1 switch socket (three-hole/five-hole), placed according to the location of electrical appliances, such as the future installation of air conditioning position must have one.

3. One three-hole/multi-function socket is placed next to the sofa in case of the need of electric fans.

4. 5 socket 1, placed next to the sofa/living room corner, in case of the living room floor lamp needs.

5. Five socket 1, next to the sofa/living room corner of the child and mother telephone is needed.

6 three socket 1, next to the sofa/living room corner, if drinking water has been placed in the living room, is reserved for it.

7. One or two five-socket sockets should be placed on the side/side wall of the sofa and reserved for temporary household appliances (floor fans, mobile phone charging, etc.).

8. Multi-link switch 1 is placed on the wall in the direction of the door to control the switch of the living room lighting, spotlights and decorative lights.

9. One dimming switch is placed next to the sofa to adjust the lighting brightness in the living room.

3, restaurant

Single open single control switch control restaurant chandelier there is an easy to ignore, that is, the table below to install the foot plug, so that you do not worry about eating hot pot in winter also have to make a 5 meters drag line board.


1. One refrigerator (three holes with switch)

23. Reserve one or two


1. Double circuit control of chandelier

2, decorative effect lamp

4, the kitchen

1. Kitchen entrance: there is only one kitchen dome light in general, so it is ok to arrange a single pole switch at the entrance.

2. Table socket: there are many common appliances on the kitchen table, such as rice cookers and electric pressure cookers. Therefore, the table needs to be decorated with more power sockets.

3. Other kitchen electrical socket layout: range hood, water heater, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, oven and other electrical sockets, installation position and high attention to match the electrical appliances.

5, bedroom

The main consideration is to use electronic products in bed, such as laptop computers, mobile phones, etc., can be installed in the head of the bed USB socket, to avoid the insufficient charging cable of electronic products.

1, entrance door: remember in the entrance door and the head of the bed layout control bedroom ceiling light double control switch.

2, the head of the bed: in addition to the layout of the double control switch control bedroom ceiling light, the head of the bed on both sides of the need to arrange power sockets, convenient lamp and mobile phone charging.

3, TV: TV socket with reference to the living room, according to the number of electrical appliances equipped with the TV socket, generally speaking, should be arranged a power socket, in order to increase the use of electrical appliances.

4, desk: desk computer socket, power socket should be arranged on the desk, so as not to drill under the table plug.

5, air conditioning: air conditioning socket layout can also refer to the living room.

6, study

Basically be the use of computer, those who cannot ignore is the socket of desk, measure desk size ahead of schedule, insert 5 holes as far as possible decorate on the desktop, avoid to climb to pull out plug below the table, climb up climb down not only trouble, still flash to waist easily.

7. Bathroom

The household appliance that uses in the bathroom has washing machine, bath for instance tyrant, lighting, hair dryer to wait a moment, there is no lack of household appliance of a few high power among them, because this bathroom besides should notice ventilated take a breath. Socket manufacturer encounters switch to cause the danger of electric shock to prevent when bath, the switch socket that the choice contains waterproof cover also is very necessary to the safety that uses.


1. One socket for toilet (five holes with switch, placed beside the window, required for water heater/exhaust fan)

2, with a splashproof box socket (two empty/five holes, placed in front of the dressing mirror, hair dryer/lamp required)

3. Three sockets with splash box (three holes with switch, required for washing machine/bath tyrant/dryer)

4, reserve one to two (five holes with switch)


1, exhaust fan (outside the toilet, single/multiple can be)

2, corridor lighting one (multi-link double control design)

3, the mirror next to a (control mirror headlight, bath bully, electric water heater

8. The balcony

The main consideration for the use of washing machines is to install five holes near the laundry pool.

The arrangement of switch socket in home outfit is reasonable the convenience that decides life directly, say must consider clear oneself demand so, lest affect normal life in the future.

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