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Service support

Service spirit: customer's time is more precious than gold!

Customer service personnel are required to always consider the user, timely solve the problems existing in the equipment, the company's development, production, sales and other departments priority to meet the service needs, so as to ensure the implementation of the service spirit.

Service tenet: create value for customers!

Make it clear that what the user buys is the benefit and value that the product brings to him. This requires the customer service personnel to have comprehensive service ability, through our service to guide users to master the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance and other capabilities, so as to provide protection for the user's work, generate benefits and value. Service slogan: Expand development service, always everywhere! Users feel the development of services, is everywhere, everywhere.

Service goal: customer as the main, the implementation of satisfactory service!

Around customers, expand development services to carry out customer training, technical consulting, customer visits, engineering services, so that customers feel not only buy products, but buy a complete set of perfect services.

Service requirements: simple, multi-faceted, active, timely!

The eight character requirements of customer service personnel, to ensure that the initiative to contact customers, with a faster speed, the best way to rush to the scene, the implementation of multi-faceted, timely, fast service, for users to win time and create benefits. The content of service requirements is the interpretation of service spirit, purpose, slogan and target.


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