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Standard size of home installation socket switch

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Switch socket is hidden in the home decoration project, once the prior fixed good, to decorate later want to change you will have trouble, at the same time, the position of the switch socket is fixed on the wall, if the position or size design is unreasonable, not only not comfortable to use, and it may even be late or furniture decorate, switch socket can't normal use.

1. Switch height

There are two kinds of switches of lamps and lanterns, one is a conventional switch, the height is generally 1350mm; Another is the head of a bed switch, because it is lying on the bed when used, the height is generally 700mm (at the same time the socket of the head of a bed, and the switch is generally made of a row together).

2. Socket height

TV wall socket: generally according to the design of the TV wall, the main goal is to hide as far as possible and can be used normally, the height of the socket on the normal TV is about 500mm, if it is a wall hanging TV, the height of the socket should be about 1000mm, set in the upper right of the TV.

The socket of sofa wall: according to sofa edge whether have edge a few decorate, height is 350mm or 700mm, the socket here basically is to charge mobile phone, desk lamp or floor fan wait for small electric appliance to use.

Eat side cabinet socket: according to the height of eat side cabinet and design, it is suggested to install in the empty layer of eat side cabinet, the general height is about 1200mm, mainly to burn the kettle and other small electrical appliances with.

Kitchen socket: kitchen socket under the operating platform embedded electrical socket and small electrical socket above the operating table, under the platform embedded electrical socket is generally according to the electrical specifications to leave the socket, the general height is 350mm; And the small electrical socket on the table, can be left to 1200mm height, minus the operation table 800mm, is about 400mm height above the table; Water heater socket can be left high, up to 1800mm.

Study socket: study socket is bound with desk, have stage and below stage, stage socket is 1000mm height commonly, subtract 750mm desk height, leave mesa 250mm probably; Under the platform socket is about 350mm;

Air conditioning socket: wall mounted air conditioning socket, generally installed at the height of 2200mm; And the air conditioning socket of cabinet air conditioning can be installed to 350mm high.

3, socket and switch matters needing attention

Kitchen electrical socket with switch

The socket of kitchen appliances, it is recommended to be equipped with a separate switch control, especially the socket embedded in the electrical appliance, hidden in the cabinet body is blocked by the electrical appliance, after using the electrical appliance, the power supply cannot be disconnected, with a separate switch, you can control the power supply of the embedded electrical appliance through the switch.

The switch by the door

Switches are generally installed next to the door, in some compact space, if the reserved switch position did not control the position, the door frame may conflict with the switch position;

Therefore, in the case of compact space, reserve switch position to consider the left and right sides, balance the position of the door, because the door is installed after the door sleeve line will have 3-5cm width, so in the blank foundation, reserve switch from the position of 8cm or so, so it is more safe.

Switch sockets on either side of the head of the bed

When two sides of the head of a bed are reserved switch socket, do not be hasty! For example 1.8 meters of skin art bed, you are in the space reserved on both sides is 1.9 meters, you think it is very enough, but skin art bed is placed in nine out of ten will block switch socket, because 1.8 meters of skin art bed, the head of a bed back may have more than 2 meters.

To sum up - the height of the standard size of the home socket switch is as follows: Conventional switch 1350mm, bedside switch 700mm, TV socket 500mm/1000mm, sofa wall socket 350mm/700mm, table side cabinet socket 1200mm, kitchen electrical socket 350mm/1200mm, study socket 350mm/1000mm, air conditioning socket 2200mm. Still have socket of a few other switch, specific can decorate according to actual furniture and design will decide.

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